I firmly believe that it’s your reputation—not only with your clients, but with everyone you interact with—that becomes the true measure of your success. Here is what some of my clients have had to say about my work:

“Sherri has handled all of the front-end development for Pubget over the past three years. Without fail, Sherri provides high quality work at an unbelievable turnaround time. Sherri is detail-oriented, thorough, and passionate. You can be confident that when she delivers a product it will be cross-browser compliant, written in solid code, and consist of exactly what you asked for.

I would recommend (and have recommended in the past) Sherri for any front-end development, from simple tasks to the seemingly impossible.”

—Mike Anderson, Director of Product, Pubget

“Successful remote/virtual working relationships take solid communication skills & setting clear expectations, and Sherri stands out among anyone I’ve worked with in both regards. Her skills and expertise in front-end development are top-notch.

It takes more than just completing the work to make a project a successful one—Sherri worked fast, is detail-oriented, responsive and helped establish an informed budget that we delivered within. I’ve already asked her to fill a role on another project and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Mark Reeves, Principal, CLEARBOLD Online Marketing & Website Development

“In almost 15 years of experience working in web design and online marketing, I have met very few people who possess Sherri’s professional focus, perfectionism, talent, intelligence and positive attitude. She delivers products of great quality at great speed, a rare combination. I frequently find myself almost not bothering to double-check the product delivered against my business requirements—the quality is just that good. She is a true asset to any project team, and I enjoy every occasion to partner with her in my own business endeavors.”

—L. Mitchell, Owner/Member, New Leaf Interactive LLC

“Sherri was able to take complex designs for COVERGIRL and translate them into beautifully rendered, functioning and accessibility-compliant web pages (no easy feat). She is current on all the latest technologies and taught the team a lot. She interacted excellently and patiently with the G2 team and boosted their confidence in being able to work effectively with “tech.” She also collaborated with our off-shore team in India in a professional and respectful manner. She was able to manage herself and her time extremely well—she would communicate effectively and immediately when there was even an inkling of missing a deadline... She is an absolute pleasure and delight to work with.”

—Laura Forbes, Associate Director of Program Management, G2 Worldwide

“Sherri is great to work with. We’ve used her on two projects for the MIT Libraries and both times she performed above and beyond expectations. Not only is she thorough and detail-oriented, but she comes up with creative solutions and and extremely personable to work with. I hope to work with her again in the future!”

—Nicole Hennig, Head of the User Experience Group at MIT

“Sherri was brought on board to freshen up my business website that was looking dated. In addition, I wanted some new functionality incorporated into the new design. Sherri came up with great ideas and listened to me when I wanted changes made. I am very pleased with her work and would work with her again!”

—Liz Stewart, Jewelry Designer and Owner, Lush Beads

“Sherri is one of the best web developers I’ve worked with. She understands the technology, client relationships and I trust her with my most demanding projects. Sherri makes me look good by consistently beating deadlines. Most importantly, I can talk to her. If there is a question about functionality or design, I can pick up the phone and talk it through—that type of collaboration is essential, but not always prevalent in the developer community. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

—Amy Stoll, Marketing Communications Consultant

“Sherri is one of the hardest working developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Having her on the project certainly made everything run smoother. In addition to her work ethic, she’s very technically sound and would make a great addition to any technical team.”

—Matthew Ward, Technology Manager, G2 Interactive

“Sherri’s commitment to her craft is evident in the consistent high quality of her work. Her vast knowledge of CSS is ever-evolving and indispensable! She’s a team player that’s a pleasure to work with.”

—Nate Davis, Director of Creative Technology, Grey Group

Now you’ve heard how I’ve performed for my clients, but sometimes seeing is believing!

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